This project was a collaborative effort. Each team was challenged to select a children's product to advertise and my partner & I chose Crayola.

For our campaign, we wanted to focus on the original crayon. Crayola is such an innovative company but with its plethora of products, it seems folks have forgotten about the product that started it all. So, centered around the original crayon, this campaign prompts people to recall the moments in their childhood when they were uninhibited and colored outside the lines (as well as on the walls for some of us). 

Instead of 'staying within the lines', our campaign is fun and encourages creative freedom, ultimately influencing parents, as well as their children, to dream big and explore their imaginations – to 'live outside the lines'.


Role: Art Direction + Copywriting



Citi Bike

For the Summer 2014  intern project at PKT, we were challenged to create a campaign for Citi Bike that would increase the sales of daily and weekly passes. Our team came up with the idea "Ride Or" to emphasize how much more favorable riding a Citi Bike is in comparison to other alternatives. New York City transit systems can often be a pain. But, riding a Citi Bike gives people more control and independence, as well as allows them to experience the excitement of New York City on their commute. No FOMO.


Role: Art Direction + Design