Disposable Negroes

The world's current socio-political landscape reveals tell-tale signs about how much black lives seem to be worth. From the Dominican Republic to the US to other countries across the globe, the world's collective actions prove that it holds black lives in very little regard. Particularly, in America it seems as though not as much has changed in the area of racial relations as we'd like to think. In fact, during the years before and after Emmett Till's death, the sentiment that rings true is that the media, the mainstream and the judicial system see black lives as disposable. This artists' book in inspired by these feelings. It is an edition of 4 and the was created using the process of serigraphy/screenprinting. I was initially kind of afraid to share this piece but I think the world needs more people brave enough to speak up in spite of their fears. You can check out the entire project here.




This is probably my most personal piece to date. Through correspondence of various sorts, this artist book conveys an issue that I have been dealing with & the difficulty of trying to communicate it to my family back home. Sometimes, distance is not only time and space but understanding. The process used to create this book is serigraphy/screenprinting and it is an edition of three.

Photo Credit: Lamon Bethel