For Valentine's Day this year, I was part of the studio squad at Wieden + Kennedy that created cards to commemorate the day for PDA.  I also made sure to design a card for the cynical, heart-broken, PDA-deficient of us too :)  

Check out the rest of the studio squad's cards here. Most of the cards are letterpress printed by myself and two other awesome studio artists. 




As a component of my Graphic Design Entrepreneurship class, I was tasked to create a promotional book for a design firm of my choosing. Being a huge fan ofDesign Army's clever yet visually appealing work, I decided to focus on the DC-based firm for this project. After researching the firm's business and creative practices, the challenge was to create a book that aligned with Design Army's brand identity, both visually and with regards to content – not an easy feat. But, I adhered to the firm's simple, elegant and functional style to create a book that I think fulfilled the project's objective.

Photo Credit: Lamon Bethel



Barbasol Identity

This project required me to research and subsequently, revamp an existing brand's identity.  Fond memories of my granddad smelling of aftershave prompted me to think about shaving cream products. And, once I found out that Barbasol was one of the oldest brands of shaving cream that still exists today, I decided to go for it.

Invented by an MIT Professor named Frank Shields in 1919, Barbasol was originally formulated for men with particularly thick beards as an alternative to typical soap-up-and-lather shaving products of the time. Shields wanted to provide men with a product that gave them a barbershop shave and that ultimately, made them feel good about themselves. With that notion in mind, I used the motif of a barbershop pole ribbon as the basis of this Barbasol re-brand and identity.